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Custom Roll Formed and Stamped Products since 1982


Traverse City Products, as its name suggests, is located in Traverse City, Michigan. Traverse City is a small but highly visible community in northern Michigan where the quality of life is important. Our air is clean, the water is pure and we strive to protect the environment. We are a customer service focused company and strive to meet or exceed customer quality expectations.

Traverse City Products is an ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified company.

Traverse City Products has nearly forty years of experience in the metal forming industry. Our manufacturing capabilities include roll forming, stamping, welding, and various assembly processes. With our roll forming and stamping capability in one facility, many of our customers think of us as a “one-stop-shop” for their structural and decorative metal needs.


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Streamline your supply chain 

TCP is an end-to-end manufacturing partner. We can help design, manufacture, finish, package and ship. 

Why Choose TCP


TCP is a tier 2 supplier for many of the largest auto manufacturers in the world. We have the experience to handle your challenging products. 

Relationship Based

We form meaningful long-lasting relationships with our partners. We are in it for the long haul and treat our partners the same way.

A One-Stop Shop

Our in-house engineering and tooling departments allow TCP to collaborate with our partners from product inception through delivery.

Custom Projects

We specialize in finding a custom solution for your metal manufacturing and fabrication needs.

Proudly Made in the USA

Ready when you are

With 50+ team members, TCP is ready to take on your custom roll formed, stamped, or metal fabrication project.